5 years of Toytool Committee

Toytool Committee Showreel 2016 from toytool committee on Vimeo.


In 2010 we open this project with the beautiful piece L’amour et la Violence  and the idea of making the kind of porn we would like to watch.

Just 5 short films in 5 years have positioned us among some of our idols in alternative pornography and for us that’s something to be proud of.

Our short films can’t be watched outside sex-positive, feminist, ethical friendly festivals or other events related. We call for patience until we have a proper website where people can comfortably watch our movies from their own sofa. (Meanwhile, you can have a look at some of them at Dusk.tv, certainly supporting this project)

By now, we want to tease you with this 5 years showreel.

Thanks for Support Your Local Pornographers.


The International Women’s Day for Porn Cinema Female Directors. By Zahra Stardust.

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Women in the porn industry need rights and proper pay, not token gestures

Zahra Zsuzsanna Stardust, UNSW Australia

Over the last two decades independent producers have made important contributions to the “pornosphere”. Enabled by increasingly affordable and accessible technology, alternative, indie, feminist, queer, ethical, amateur, user-generated and “post” porn have arguably “democratised” pornography.

These genres blend performance art, experimental film, diverse bodies and women’s pleasures with a focus on the process, not just the final product.

This week, to coinicide with International Women’s Day, tube site YouPorn launched a “female director series”, asking female directors to share their work – for no remuneration but for mass exposure.

Tube sites provide free video streaming similar to YouTube and include user-generated material. But they also buy archival content from defunct websites and often pirate content from competitors.

YouPorn is owned by Canadian company MindGeek, which reportedly owns eight of the top ten tube sites including Pornhub and Redtube.

Is its offer on International Women’s Day an altruistic measure? Or, given that small producers are being asked to provide free content that will generate advertising revenue, is an international corporation seeking to profit from women’s labour?

Porn performers discuss stigma and labour at the launch of Coming Out Like a Porn Star, Melbourne.
Gala Vanting, Author provided

Porn monopolies

MindGeek is defending a piracy lawsuit for allegedly hosting and charging for access to pirated videos on Pornhub Premium. Adult star Stoya has claimed MindGeek is devaluing companies through piracy. And some have suggested MindGeek is fast becoming a “single, monopolistic owner” of porn production and distribution.

Offering female-friendly content may improve a corporation’s image, but a more meaningful step would be to focus on ethical labour practices in the porn industry.

Performers are urging consumers to “pay for your porn” and “vote with your wallet” as a form of ethical porn consumption.

Sex workers have spearheaded a movement for fair working conditions and adequate payment and control over how and where their scenes are distributed. A desire to capitalise on women’s creative labour is very different to a genuine commitment to sex worker rights.

Indeed feminist porn pioneer Candida Royalle has insisted that women must “take control of the reins of production” to ensure our voice is heard.

Mini-documentary Female Porn Directors: Taking The Reins (2016).

A decade of the Feminist Porn Awards and Berlin Porn Film Festival (where 50 per cent of directors are women) have nourished a growing community of porn-makers invested in political change.

But although women now have greater access to the means of production, we cannot say the same for the means of distribution. As long as male-dominated corporations own and control the infrastructure, men predominantly make the money and female producers are encouraged to work for free.

When you can’t sell sex

Meanwhile, independent producers face barriers that they say make the sale of porn virtually unviable. These include refusals from banks in processing adult payments, administrative and financial costs in securing billing from Australia, and higher fees due to the assumed risk of adult websites.

Platforms such as Vimeo, Paypal and Amazon have all refused adult content.

As academic Georgina Voss has argued, working in porn is a kind of “stigmatised labour”. Combined with criminal laws in Australia that prohibit advertising of X18+ material, it is increasingly difficult and expensive to actually sell pornography.

The increasing access to free online pornography, available without credit card, age verification or email log in, is currently the subject of an Australian Senate Inquiry, following an inquiry into revenge porn, the non-consensual sharing of explicit images.

Crowdfunding and consumer entitlement

Porn’s move towards free content in return for patronage or advertising is similar to the trend in other creative industries. Porn has moved from subscription sites to video-on-demand, and now towards crowdfunding.

In some cases, giving away free content has been a political protest to circumvent criminal laws. And some feminist producers have offered sliding scales and discounts for women, while featuring free sections on their websites.

But pornography is different to other creative industries because ongoing stigma brings additional risks. The reuse of old content on tube sites can have consequences for retired performers, leading to their being discriminated against when finding work or even in child custody battles.

Ethical porn producers are guided by performers as to whether their image is to remain behind a paywall or can be used in marketing. Contracting with tube sites risks performers losing control of the product, which may be featured next to misogynist, racist or transphobic taglines. Ethical porn is not only about production – it is about marketing, distribution and consumption.

Requests to provide free content to satisfy consumers ignore the skilled yet precarious labour of sex work and the capital involved in producing porn – from location, wardrobe, talent, camera equipment and editing software.

Solo producers who shoot and star in their own content operate with no/low budget, shoot sporadically and may supplement porn with other work to earn a living.

The University of California’s Heather Berg argues this is part of a larger trend under late capitalism: work/life is blurred, performers are encouraged to take on their professional identities 24/7, and workers are expected to perform for love, not for money.

Still, there are avenues to support your local pornographers. In Australia, porn is characterised by performer-producers, solo operators, small partnerships and “cottage industries”.

On International Women’s Day, we don’t need token gestures that mask inequalities and offer no material benefits.

We need decriminalisation of the production, screening, advertising and sale of pornography and protections enabling performers to access industrial rights mechanisms and health and safety standards.

This way we can nurture a thriving, democratic and fair industry of independent artists.

The Conversation

Zahra Zsuzsanna Stardust, PhD Candidate, Arts/Media & Law , UNSW Australia

La version originale de cet article a été publiée sur The Conversation.

Our new film Mi coche in Lausanne and Detroit

Toytool’s most recent film; Mi coche will be making it’s debut at the Cinerotic™ Erotic Film Festival at the Dirty Show® International Erotic Art Exhibition 2016  in Detroit, USA (12-20 February 2016) and at La Fête du Slip – Festival des Sexualites in Lausanne, Switzerland (4-6 March 2016).

Mi coche is the first film made by new(ish) Toytool members Lo Liddell and Vile Mae. Filmed in Amsterdam, during the summer of 2015. It portrays a car at night, traversing through an industrial landscape, where bodies and objects become subjects to light and darkness, flickering across their skin as if it were caressing their soft flesh. Abstract images of lust permeated with wild flowers, luscious pussies and throbbing cock.

Lo and Vile have worked together for a while now, making art as part of the duo Daddy I am a Man where they explore themes of sex, sexuality, repulsion and desire.

Tease yourself:


Committe for this short film:

Director: Toytool Comiteé
Producer: Toytool Comiteé
Original idea: Lo Liddell & Vile Mae
Starring: Chris, Nichole Shae, Robin Rain
Camera: Vile Mae
Post production: Lo Liddell
Sound design: Lo Liddell
Sound mixed & mastered: Daniel Bull
With extra special thanks to SG Collins

Technical specifications
Length: 5min 8sec
Original language: English
Year of production: 2015
Country of production: The Netherlands

SYLP best short film by the audience at Perv Queerotic Film Festival


Support Your Local Pornographers has won the vote of the audience at Perv Queerotic Film Festival in Sydney, Australia.

The Audience in Sydney considered our short film as the best among some other amazing movies we actually love. We hugely thank all those people who chose our movie, the jury who presented it as a finalist and Perv Queerotic Film Festival for make everything possible.

This is the first time -ever- Toytool wins a prize and it’s awesome we get it from The Audience. The People get its message, its positive and natural way to show a porn shooting  or a sex scene and its call of help and support not only for us but for all the independent, feminist, queer, LGTB, sex-positive little producers like us. That’s incredibly important.


Committee for this short film was formed by:

MARÍA BALA. Director, performer, editor.

BRENDA BENGALA. Camera, editor assistant.

SANTO DUCK. Assistant on stage.

With the special featuring of LO LIDELL (intro)

Music by SIESTA (into)

Congratulations to all!

Support Your Local Pornographers at Perv Queerotic Film Festival


Tonight, Support Your Local Pornographers is going to be screened at Perv Queerotic Film Festival in Sydney, Australia!

We are glad and happy to show our work one more year in this great festival in the other side of The World (from our Spanish perspective, obviously)

This year we are among the finalist for the Short Film Competition. We hope the best and our fingers are crossed for winning the competition!

Thank you everybody for your support and all the best for this lovely, kinky, Perv Queerotic Film Festival.

Watch SYLP trailer here and Support Your Local Pornographers everywhere!

Come to The Rose Garden, our newest Toytool short film.

The Rose Garden is our new short film we are showing for the first time in a Global premiere at Porn Film Festival Berlin in its 10th edition this year.

You take me to the Rose Garden, undress me and satisfy my fear with kisses. You make my skin tangible with the touch of those warm, dry hands I want to wet with my desire. I’m in your fantasy or you are in mine, but both of us are trapped in this Rose Garden.

Watch the teaser here:

Committee for this short film:

Director: Toytool Committee
Producer: Toytool Committee
Starring: Renae D and Nichole Shae
Original idea: María Bla
Dramaturgical advisory: Renae D and Yvette Luhrs
Costumes, hair and make up: Renae D and Yvette Luhrs
Art Director: María Bla
Photography director: Isaac Torres, Ana Wika
Camera: Ana Wika
Edit: María Bla
Post-production: Damià Jordà
Sound design: Alfredo Sorlí Boscá

Our thanks to La Boba y el Gato Rancio for letting us to play in their garden.

Summer is over

by María Bla

Summer is over and before the the festival season starts again it would be certainly convenient to make a round up about what happened in our house until now.

Some of our short films have been screened at some great festivals all around the world:

HOME was selected for the Queer Porn Film Festival -New York, USA- in April and recently, last weekend, it was screened at The Sappho Women, International Eressos Women’s Festival.

The Silent Guy was included in CineKink NYC 2015 program and also at Dirty Movie Club in Sidney

Support Your Local Pornographers (SYLP) travelled from Mexico with La Muestra Marrana to Australia at Cinematic Intimacies with a stop in Europe, Amsterdam, at Holy Fuck weekend.

In this section we can also include NYC Porn Film Festival. They requested our movies, we sent them, they confirm the short films were in the program but then we couldn’t see us anywhere in their festival info so, who knows, maybe we where or may be not. At least we didn’t need to pay a submission fee.

But is not only about festivals here. There’s much more to talk about.

Captura de pantalla 2015-09-10 a las 18.20.07

We have a new short film starring Nichole Shae & Renae D. who perform in The Rose Garden, the most abstract and mysterious scene we have made so far. It shows in a way all our admiration for the legendary serial Twin Peaks and we just hope wood pullovers turn you on as much as us. Music is composed by Alfredo Sorlí Boscá and the Committee is completed by the camera of Ana Wika and the light work of Isaac Torres. Damià Jordà has made a wonderful work with color correction and post production and María Bla is directing the project and the edit with the dramaturgical advisory of Renae D. and Yvette Luhrs.

Screen Shot 2015-08-22 at 20.07.46

Mi Coche (My Car), an original idea of Lo Lidell and Vile Mae, it’s already a work-in-progress we are anxious to finish. Starring Nichole Shae, Robin Rain and Chris, this short film is shot on a car ride across Amsterdam, lights and shadows show and hide what happens in the back seat of this car.

Something that probably will see the light next year: a scene with KAy Garnellen and María Bla inside another closet, following the line of Support Your Local Pornographers but for the glitter, make-up and plastic furs. This short film is going to have a very special soundtrack we can only advance it’s just kraut rock, but we like it.

Captura de pantalla 2015-09-10 a las 18.38.41

Some members of Toytool have been in other projects or developing new ones by themselves. Lo Lidell and María Bla were in June at the organization of La Exhibición-Cultura Sexplícita, the first alternative porn festival in Valencia (Spain), in alliance with Isaac Torres (Proyectos Poplíteos)Brenda Bengala worked on the image and logo of the festival and, for something completely different,  she and Phosky are MOLAR FLUX , and they are making the sweetest techno music and dj’s sessions.

Ok, the only thing left now is our THANKS to all the people who has been helping, collaborating and supporting Toytool Committee Projects this hard months: Thank you KAy Garnellen, Jasko Fide, Scott Mannion, Lara Zurdezas, Gala Vanting, Yvette Luhrs, La Fête du Slip and Porn Film Festival Team -you are the sweetest thing-, Courtney Trouble, Jiz Lee, Bettina Freyland, Petra Joy, Pau Pappel, Carmen Monzó, ETEP (Estudios de Traducción para el Erotismo y la Pornografía), Oscar y Paco from La Boba y el Gato Rancio, to Lucía Egaña and Diana Torres from La Muestra Marrana, Ms. Naughty, to all our viewers and fans, to Elektra Stoffrengen, Antonio da Silva… and if you are reading this, THANK YOU TOO for making this project unstoppable.

Petra Joy presents Her Porn vol. 6



From now on Petra Joy’s compilation Her Porn 6 is available at www.petrajoy.com!!

A fantastic selection with scenes of Maria Beatty, Lucie Blush, Anna Brownfield, Jiz Lee, Morgana Muses, Pornographic Love, Shine Louise Houston, Tristan Taormino and Toytool Comiteé!

In this edition you would find a SPECIAL edit of L’amour et La Violence never seen before and our last short film Support Your Local Pornographers.

Watch the teaser here: Her Porn 6. 

And thanks for Support Your Local Pornographers.